Education 1.0
Education 2.0
Education 3.0
Meaning is…DictatedSocially constructedSocially constructed and contextually reinvented
Technology is…Confiscated at the classroom door (digital refugees)Cautiously adopted (digital immigrants)Everywhere (digital universe)
Teaching is done …Teacher to studentTeacher to student and student to student (progressivism)Teacher to student, student to student, student to teacher, people-technology-people (co-constructivism)
Schools are located…In a building (brick)In a building or online (brick and click)Everywhere (thoroughly infused into society: cafes, bowling alleys, bars, workplaces, etc.)
Parents view schools as…DaycareDaycareA place for them to learn, too
Teachers are…Licensed professionalsLicensed professionalsEverybody, everywhere
Hardware and software in schools…Are purchased at great cost and ignoredAre open source and available at lower costAre available at low cost and are used purposively
Industry views graduates as…Assembly line workersAs ill-prepared assembly line workers in a knowledge economyAs co-workers or entrepreneurs